Frequently Asked Questions

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Download your preferred Maximum Miner Paid or Free Version. By Clicking on the link provided on our Official website Downloads Page here.

*Be aware of downloading our Maximum Miner from other sites. This is an exclusive software and we do not distribute our software with any third party companies at this stage.

Maximum Miner is the leading Crypto Miner in the world, and makes Mining easy for newcomers and hardcore miners alike. We developed the software so anyone can get involved in the Crypto market and earn your favorite Altcoin or Bitcoin. Anyone with modern GPUs can use it.

Maximum Miner automatically diagnoses your system’s hardware, it reads real-time coin algorithms and statistics and chooses the most profitable coin for your system to mine. If the Crypto Coin (Altcoin) that you are mining drops in profitability, Maximum Miner can also switch on-the-fly to another profitable Cryptocurrency. We have preconfigured and automated the most popular and reputable Mining Pools and Crypto Coins. Maximum Miner also allows you to Sell your Hashing power to Nicehash, and get paid in Bitcoin as well. With Maximum Miner, you can configure both Mining to your OWN Wallets, and mining to Nicehash Pools from within the software, no need to switch software packages. All mining jobs can be set on a Schedule. This offers a mixture of getting paid in Bitcoin, and ALSO owning your own rising Alt-coins in your own Wallets.

There’s a Crypto Tracker to track your earnings (Cloud Services only $5 per month). All you need to do is have or set up your wallets for relevant crypto coins that you want to mine. This means that all the coins you mine are yours, and you can mine now-cheap coins, hold them, and one day when they raise in price you can Sell them for large profits.

Maximum Miner license is per computer/device system and not per GPU. Maximum Miner does not limit you with the number of GPUs like other software in the market. Also there is NO MINER COUNT LIMITATION, this means you can mine an UNLIMITED Number of Altcoins, forever, for one low price per mining rig. No yearly subscriptions, the software is a one-time purchase, with free updates for life. Please, contact us for multiple system licensing, where we can potentially offer you volume discounts.
Maximum Miner requires Windows 10, or Windows 8.1 with the latest updates.
It can run a system using an entry level AMD or Celeron CPU running up to 8 modern GPU video cards (the Windows 10 limitation) with a minimum recommended 8 GB of System RAM. Maximum Miner can run on any PC Windows System (no MAC, no Linux) with no limitations on the number of Miners (coin mining jobs) per system / mining rig.
A desktop computer with powerful or adequate Nvida or AMD video cards.
GPUs we recommend for mining range from AMD RX 480 series and above, and Nvidia GTX 1060 and above. GTX 1080’s with low power usage (4-pin power) will yield the highest mining results. The more GPUs (video cards) the better. Ideally, a proper mining rig would be recommended. (Link to how to build a mining rig)
You can only use your mobile phone to log into our Cloud Services back-end, where you have access to Mining Reports, Realtime Mining Monitoring, your Affiliate Reports, and more.
You can only use your tablet to log into our Cloud Services back-end, where you have access to Mining Reports, Realtime Mining Monitoring, your Affiliate Reports, and more.
The difference between the Paid version and Free version are as follows:

The Free version is limited to (3) Coins to mine, but you can change those coins at any time. You have full access to setting them on a schedule, and also to mine to NiceHash pools. You also get limited access to our Auto-Profit-Miner technology, which selects the most profitable coins to mine using your system. The Auto-Profit-Miner will only mine for 3 hours, then your other configured mining jobs will continue. Most importantly, to support us, the Free Version will automatically mine to our wallets, for only 1 hour of the day. This is a fair system where you can use the Free Version to mine popular Crypto Coins, free for life, but you support us by just using your system’s resources to mine to our wallets for only 1 hour per day. This process happens automatically, and after complete, normal mining to your wallets is resumed automatically.

With the Free Version you will also get 1-Month-Free Access to our Cloud Services, which offer you Mining Reports to see where all your mined crypto is located (which pools, etc), and remote services like Remote Mining Monitoring and Reports. After the first month you won’t have access to Cloud Services which only costs $6 USD per month. You can purchase a Cloud Services subscription and still use the Free Version, with the limitations listed above.

With the PAID Version, you get full access to the Auto-Profit-Miner technology 24/7, the Mine-For-Us 1 hour-per-day mode is removed, and you can mine UNLIMITED Altcoins on your Mining Rig.

Our software comes pre-configured with the best, most popular and reliable Mining Pools for the top Altcoins, so you don’t have to hunt the internet for Pools. This makes the mining process a lot easier and automatic, Maximum Miner is the only mining software out there that comes with pre-configured pools and allows you to just Pick a Coin to Mine, tell it your Wallet for the Coin, and start mining immediately on your hardware!

About using your own Custom Pools: Yes, you can add your own custom mining pools easily, with a few clicks. For advanced users, you can add a Pool Stratum, Port, Password, and SSL or standard connection security.

Maximum Miner also allows for on-the-fly Pool Performance Monitoring and Switching, meaning if a Pool is performing slowly, ex. too few shares are being found, or too many Rejected shares, it will alert you and allow you to change to a different mining pool with one click.

The software also includes our Auto-Profit-Miner technology, which automatically finds the most profitable coins for you to mine based on data and your GPU type, and rotates mining to the next coin every X hours, that you specify.

What algorithms and Maximum Miner mine ?
Maximum Miner can currently mine all the most profitable algorithms, such as: Ethash (Daggerhashimoto, Eth-based coins), Equihash (now forked to Zhash, which is also supported), NeoScrypt, the ASIC-Resistant X16r (RavenCoin), Lyra2REv2, CryptoNightV7 (latest Monero fork), CryptoNightHeavy, and older algorithms for backwards compatibility.

The minimum payout amount (of crypto) is defined by the Mining Pools that you mine to. Payouts are made to the Crypto Wallets that you own, that you specify to the software. Please make sure to take a few minutes to study the Mining Pool the software is mining to (or that you have defined), or our Mining Report, which will tell you which pools you have mined to. Please visit the Pool’s website, as the Minimum Payout amount can sometimes be set at the pool, ex. 0.01 RVN (RavenCoin). Please read the Pool’s website if mining a difficult coin, or if mining a cheap coin (coins that are below the $0.05 cent price), usually the Pool will make a Payout to your Wallet every couple of hours (2 to 6 hours typical).
Most if not all Mining Pools have a Mining Fee of usually 1% to 1.5% of your mining rewards. Please visit the pool’s website to know the exact fee. During the mining process, some of the miner programs used have an internal developer fee, which is also a typical 1%.

With Maximum Miner software, if you are using the Free Version, we have capped this to a Mine-For-Us mode for one (1) hour a day for our free version. This is removed on our Paid version, which is a one-time price per mining rig, forever yours to keep.

Your payouts in Crypto, are located in the Mining Pools that you connect to during the mining process. Once you reach a minimum mining threshold, the Pool will release your mining rewards (crypto coin amounts) to the Wallet you have specified, of that particular coin.

Solo mining is generally not recommended unless you own a Mining Farm with some 100 GPUs. If you do own a farm, we have an upcoming remote-management product to be released shortly, that will enable to manage all your workers (mining rigs) both remotely and locally. Generally, at this point in the development of Maximum Miner, our solution is designed for mining on Pools, not solo.
Maximum Miner includes complete Cloud Services which allow you to have complete control over your mining activities. Online Reports tell you exactly where your mined crypto is, in what pools, what coin was mined, to what wallet, shares found, shares rejected, and more. Cloud Services also allow you to Monitor all your Mining Rigs remotely, from any phone or tablet or internet-connected device. Email reports also inform you of your mining progress daily. Cloud Services also give you full access to our Crypto Tracker tech, which shows you all the rising and dropping Altcoins, so you can make decisions such as Hold (HODL) the Coin, Sell, or Buy a coin when it’s on a Dip.
You can mine ANY popular AltCoin with our software, all the coins go to YOUR wallet and not ours. YOU own the Coins, and can HOLD them until their values rockets into the sky. The only exception to this is when you are using the Free Version which mines 1 hour per day for us. The rest of the 23 hours of the day are yours to mine. If you want to remove this limitation, please consider buying the Paid Version. You get paid when you reach the Minimum Payout amount of the Mining Pools you are mining to. If you are mining to NiceHash (integrated in our software), you get paid when you reach about $12 USD. For the latest payout rates, please check the NiceHash website.
Well the sky is the limit, you earn as much as you can mine. But, with Maximum Miner will help you to optimize your earnings by our intelligent Profit-Mining algorithm and profitability switching. We also have an online guide that helps you pick GPUs to purchase, although most miners know this, the ideal GPUs are the most powerful models (GTX 1080, etc) at the lowest TDP, 180W-240W cards are ideal. Mining with older cards (Geforce 7xx Series) is not recommended and mostly will yield a negative profit.

The Mining philosophy at Maximum Miner is the HOLD strategy: The idea is to mine cheap, profitable coins right now, that might be worth cents per coin, but in the future might be worth $40, $100, $200, or more! Look at Bitcoin, its price was at $240 USD 2.5 years ago, and at the time of this writing sits at at around $6,500 !. Another example of the HOLD strategy: RavenCoin is worth 1.5 cents right now, but is one of the most profitable coins to mine at this time on Nvidia GPUs. You can mine about 38 (!) entire RavenCoins with ONE (1) GTX 1080 per day right now, amounting to about 60 cents per day. The current value of RavenCoin is 1.5 cents per Coin. But one day in the near future, what will happen if RavenCoin might be worth $12 USD ? We will let you do the math, but that is THOUSANDS OF PERCENTAGES IN PROFIT.

Absolutely yes and 100%. We are a dedicated team of developers that have been posting our development progress on social media, and we are committed to providing the most transparent, useful crypto miner out there. Maximum Miner doesn’t have any malware, virus or spyware. The visionaries behind Maximum Miner are working towards a concept where everyone is able to have access and be part of Crypto currency future. They are also bringing leading edge products for business to evolve the business world into a new world of decentralized transactions, instant payments, and complete transactional trust using the might of Blockchain Technology.
Maximum Miner is only available for windows 10x platform at this time. We’ll explore the merit of future development of this field.
You can remotely check Maximum Miner progress from any Mobile Phone, Computer or tablet. All you need is internet access and web browser, and our Cloud Services monthly subscription, only $6/mo!
At this stage, no. Please contact us for any enquiry. We are an open minded team and we’re open to any ideas / partnerships.
Yes, this is part of our Cloud Services monthly subscription. Please see the text above regarding Cloud Services.
Maximum Miner does not support ASIC miner at this stage. However, research and development are being currently implemented, and ASIC support is coming very, very soon.
Maximum Miner offers an excellent Affiliates program, which consists of a Mixed-Revenue Share of up to 50% (on Crypto earnings)! How it works: When you create a Free Account (sign up) at our website, you will automatically get assigned an Affiliate Link. Then, you can promote Maximum Miner on your website, on Social Media, on Youtube, etc, and everyone that downloads our software using your Affiliate Link, when using the Free Version, will MINE to YOUR Wallet (that you specify in your Account on our website) for 30 minutes per day. That’s right, we split our 1 hour mine-for-us mode for people using the Free Version, and share 50% of that time with You, our affiliate, so you get paid in Crypto from ALL the users you are able to promote through your Affiliate Link. You do nothing but check your Wallet and see the profits!

Our Affiliates page will also show you statistics such as the number of Users that have downloaded the software using your link, and even the Number of Shares, lifetime, that they have mined for YOU! This is 100% transparent and works directly to YOUR Wallet. No tricks, no pyramid scheme, the Crypto goes directly to YOU! It never touches our wallets. Unlike some crypto mining services out there, that own your crypto and pay you what they want, based on their rules, our solution is transparent and yields the highest profits for you as an Affiliate.

The more users you can get, the more crypto profits you will make. Simple as that. With some Youtubers getting 200,000 views or more per video, the Limit is the Sky.

This can be done by simply creating a Shortcut to “Maximum Miner.exe” from the installation directory to your Windows Startup folder. How to do this ? Press Windows+R keys, then type “shell:startup”, and you Startup folder will be opened. Then, right-click-drag the “Maximum Miner.exe” file from a Windows Explorer to your Startup folder. When prompted, click on “Create Shortcut here”.
Yes, if you purchase the Cloud Services monthly subscription, or if you are in your 30-day Free Trial. Daily email reports are sent automatically on UTC date change (on every global day change). The reports are detailed and show you exactly what coin(s) have been mined, where, how many shares found, shares rejected, and everything that the Auto-Profit-Miner (if used) has been doing. All the mining activity is highly detailed in these email reports.
Yes. You can add a “New Custom Coin” in the “Add Job” menu, where you can point to any External EXE of your choice, and send accurate command line arguments to it, set it on a Schedule, etc.
Setting up your Wallets can be achieved very easily for the most popular Coins, with the following apps: COINOMI Wallet for Android/iOS, or JAXX Wallet for Android/iOS/Windows. With the newer coins, it is almost always required and recommended to download the Wallet Core EXE program from the Coin’s official website. Please google the coin’s name + Wallet, to download the Wallet Core program. There also exist Web-based wallets, but we highly advice that you do NOT use a Web Wallet, since you do not own the Private Keys, your Coins could get lost or stolen by the website where the coins are hosted. Instead, we Highly recommend you download the Core Wallet for each Coin, so you have an entire copy of the Blockchain for each Coin, and store your Private Keys somewhere safe. Typically, some disk space is required for the Core Wallets of different coins, between 2 GB-5GB, to 198 GB for the Bitcoin Core Wallet.
If you want to get paid in Bitcoin, Maximum Miner has integrated a mechanism specifically for this, where the software includes an option to Mine directly to NiceHash pools. You just need to sign up for a NiceHash account at their website, write down their provided Bitcoin Address, and select any of the NiceHash Jobs in the “New Job” window inside Maximum Miner. When you select an efficient and appropriate algorithm for NiceHash according to your GPU hardware, Maximum Miner will start selling your rig’s hashing power (computational power) to NiceHash’s pools, which in return will pay you in BTC, without the need to trade your coins in an Exchange, into Bitcoin.

Then you can later download the Bitcoin Core Wallet EXE for Windows at their official website, where you can transfer your NiceHash Bitcoin to your own private wallet in your computer, for using your Bitcoin as you see fit.

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