About Maximum Miner: Cloud Services

  • Get access to Crypto Portfolio, showing all your mined Crypto.
  • Get daily Email Reports detailing all mining activity, Shares, and more.
  • Get access to Crypto Tracker tech, which quickly notifies you of Raising and Dropping Altcoins
  • Get access to Remote Monitoring and Remote Control
With the Free Version you will also get 1-Month-Free Trial access to our Cloud Services, which offer you Mining Reports to see where all your mined crypto is located (which pools, etc), and remote services like Remote Mining Monitoring and Reports. After the first month you won’t have access to Cloud Services which only costs $5 USD per month. You can purchase a Cloud Services subscription and still use the Free Version, with some Limitations. Please visit the Downloads page for more info on software limitations.
Cloud Services price only $5 USD per Month

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Maximum Miner Cloud Services give you Complete Control over Crypto Mining.

Email Reports, Crypto Portfolio, Crypto Tracker & Remote Services for only $5 USD Per Month.

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Maximum Miner provides the most efficient and Intelligent Mining Solution software.

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