Become an Affiliate with Maximum Miner.

Get Paid in Bitcoin directly.

By simply creating a FREE Account with Maximum Miner, you automatically become an affiliate. No need to fill out paperwork or get approval from us. You can Get paid in Crypto, automatically, by Users who download our software, using YOUR Affiliate link.

How it Works:

It is as easy as creating a New Account (click here if you have not registed yet), Signing in, and clicking the Affiliate Icon. Then you simply type in your NiceHash Wallet Address and click Save.

The way it works is Simple and Effective: For every user downloads Maximum Miner using your affiliate link, while they are using the FREE Version of the software, those users will mine to Our Wallets for 30 minutes, then they will mine directly to YOUR NiceHash wallets for 30 minutes.

We offer a very profitable 50% revenue sharing model with you, our Affiliate. Finally, you can simply log into your NiceHash interface on their website, and watch how many people are connected and mining for You DIRECTLY and in real time, and see how much Bitcoin has been mined to YOUR personal wallet, by hundreds, or thousands (!) of users who are using the Free Version through your Affiliate link.

Visual Guide for Affiliates


Start earning Bitcoin directly to your Wallets from hundreds or thousands of users mining to Your Wallets, with a simple Affiliate Link. Post your affiliate link to your Youtube videos, Reddit, Forums, and more!